VacTrax was initially designed for use in NSW coalfields. Its success at being able to collect and remove spillage and place coals directly back on the conveyor belt was revolutionary – especially in inaccessible locations.

Through this experience, it quickly became apparent that VacTrax demonstrated enormous potential for usage in a number of other industries and applications.

The VacTrax suction hose is readily extended to reach difficult access sites  – or enclosed, confined and restricted areas that often prohibit the use of less versatile equipment.

VacTrax can be trailer or skid mounted or fixed permanently on site and can be diesel or electric powered – allowing usage in environmentally sensitive or hazardous locations.

Another VacTrax advantage is that it can be used where the ground is unstable or unable to support additional weight. In areas where the movement of heavy equipment can damage vegetation, pipes, culverts and roading – VacTrax is the perfect solution. The VacTrax vacuum hose can be extended 50 metres horizontally and 30 metres vertically without compromising suction power.

VacTrax equipment can easily be customised to suit your requirements.

What’s more, all operatives are inducted to relevant industry standards via accredited training processes – promoting safe working practices, versatility and maximum onsite effectiveness.

If you have a specific waste removal problem that is not featured on this website – contact us today. We will explore the options and if required conduct a test to ascertain VacTrax’s effectiveness in providing you with a cost-effective solution.

CGB always makes it easy for you!