The Facts:

  • VacTrax is a highly efficient Industrial Vacuum Machine – designed to remove a wide range of industrial waste
  • VacTrax features a cyclone with a single door dump valve, operated hydraulically – the vacuum force is adjustable and highly manoeuvrable
  • VacTrax is ideal for difficult-to-reach waste – its 150mm hose is able to move coal lumps 125mm in diameter up to 50 metres in distance – it can remove large and small industrial waste and can get to those hard to reach places
  • Tested to 30 metre vertical draw length
  • Tested to 50 metre horizontal draw length
  • Powered by a 100 horsepower turbo diesel engine with a 500mm twin impeller suction fan – VacTrax can move around without restriction
  • VacTrax is trailer mounted – so there’s no delivery or installation fuss for you!